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1015 Kendall street  hORSEHEADS, ny 14845        (607) 769-beer


Celebrate the arrival of Spring with our new American Red Ale!   Pudd'n Head Red!

We have a surprise for you! Introducing our newest creation - the Crimson Chat - a Double Chocolate Cherry Porter. 


This Week:

Global Taco will be on-site on Saturday April 11th from 12 - 4.

New on the Wall:

Pudd'n Head Red - An American Red Ale with a rich malty flavor and a slightly bitter finish. Pudd'nhead Red was named after the novel written by local Author and Humorist, Mark Twain. ABV 6%.

Crimson Chat -A Double Chocolate Cherry Porter with a deep dark color. Rich bold cocoa flavor is accented with undertones of cherry on the finish.

Nuthatch - A Nut Brown Ale with a deep chestnut hue and exceptional clarity. The nutty characteristics are complemented with a pleasant, smooth finish . ABV 6%.