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11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

1015 Kendall street  hORSEHEADS, ny 14845        (607) 769-beer

This Week:

Phoenix is back!  Come in and try the first of our Summer Lawn Mower lineup.

What to do for Memorial Day Weekend?  Ice Cream Floats at Birdland! 

Come in for a Bluebird Float or Hoot Beer Float!

Murder Mike's will be onsite 5/23.  from 12 - 4

Check them out at: www.murdermikesbbq.com

‚ÄčNothing says summer like Awesome BBQ & Birdland Beer!

New on the Wall:

PhoenixA light bodied ale with a brilliant copper color and a light refreshing taste. The malty character rises from the interaction of a complex rain combination that is delicately balanced with fruity, grassy hop notes.  ABV 6%

Pudd'n Head Red - An American Red Ale with a rich malty flavor and a slightly bitter finish. Pudd'nhead Red was named after the novel written by local Author and Humorist, Mark Twain. ABV 6%.